The Florida Heiken Children’s Vision Program is offering comprehensive eye exams and glasses if necessary, for Florida public school students who qualify to participate. This program is available at no cost to you or your child’s school. Please note that we do not share student’s address or phone with any other agency.

Comprehensive Eye Exam: administered by a licensed eye doctor (optometrist), includes a thorough examination of your child’s vision and eye health. In order to perform the examination, eye drops are used to dilate the pupils, which allows the doctor to get the best view of the entire retina for the most accurate diagnosis of eye health and prescription information needed for eye glasses, should they benefit your child. The drops are safe, can cause slight burning sensation when administered, and adverse reactions are extremely rare. Light sensitivity and blurry near vision are normal for up to 4-6 hours following the exam.

For your child to participate in this NO COST program, please return to the home page to apply online.

If unable to utilize the online application, which is accessible on any mobile smart phone, tablet or computer with internet access, then you can also download a paper consent form at or obtain one from the nurse or counselor at your child’s school. Please note, paper consent forms do take longer to process for eligibility.

If your child is eligible to participate after verification, we will send you a form (voucher) through your child’s school with the name, address and phone number to a participating doctor, for you to call and schedule an appointment. A valid voucher is required to be presented to the assigned doctor at the scheduled appointment in order to receive free services. When there are 30 or more eligible students in one school, we may schedule our mobile eye care unit to visit your child’s school to perform the eye exams during the school day.

The Heiken Program is now credentialed to accept some Medicaid managed care insurance plans on mobile school visits only. If your child does not qualify for the Free Heiken grant funded program, and you would like your child’s insurance benefits to be utilized to pay for the exam and glasses on a mobile visit, you must agree by checking the box on the digital consent or signing the authorization section on the paper consent to give permission to use insurance benefits. If you have any questions about what plans are accepted or benefits provided, please contact the Heiken office for more information.

Remember: As 85% of what a child perceives, comprehends, and remembers depends on the visual system. It is imperative that all children have the gift of good vision for success in school and their future. Last year, about 80% of those who were examined needed glasses. Your child may need glasses!

If you have any questions, please contact the nurse or counselor at your child’s school or the Florida Heiken office at (305)856-9830 or 1-888-996-9847 or